About Our Pastors & Elders


IMG_1504sm.jpg    Carol and David Unsell have been married for 31 years.  David has been teaching high school English for 35 years at Coalgate High School.  Carol has been teaching middle school English for 31 years, with most of those years being at Wallace Byrd Middle School in Coalgate.  Both love teaching and enjoy serving the Lord together.  However, neither gave much thought to being in the ministry until 1995.  At that time, Cornerstone’s interim pastor, after a year at Cornerstone, came to them and said God had revealed to him that he was to turn the church over to David and Carol, and he did.  With no “formal” training, they sought guidance from other pastors, became part of the Federation of Ministers and Churches, Int., and listened to the Holy Spirit.  When asked about his lack of formal training, Pastor David replied, “I had wanted to be a teacher since I was in the seventh grade.  I never wanted to be anything else.  My whole life has centered around this desire.  I realize that God gave me the gift of teaching.  I have used that gift in the classroom for years, and now I take it into the church.”  When asked about going into the ministry “full-time” Carol, who leads the Praise and Worship team, answered, “We are in the ministry full-time.”  A majority of the congregation are either former students and their families or current students.  The school is an extension of our ministry.  The students know we are teachers and pastors, but that has never been a problem.  In many instances it has helped break down the barrier that can keep people from the church.  When students have questions about God or the church, they know us and feel comfortable asking us.”   David and Carol have four children and 13 grandchildren.


IMG_1506sm.jpg    Donald Stanberry, one of two elders at Cornerstone Praise and Worship Center, and wife Tommie Gay Stanberry have been members of the church since 1995.  They have been blessed with 5 children and 8 grandchildren with one more on the way.  Donald has been retired from the sheet metal industry since 1994 and is a Vietnam Veteran.  Tommie Gay has been a Physician Assistant since 2007.  She worked as an RN from 1983 until deciding to further her education in 2005.  She now works for the Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma in Coalgate.  Both of their families have lived in the Coalgate community for several generations.  Each believes that serving the Lord by working with those in need physically, spiritually, or mentally is their calling in life.  Being members of the Coalgate Body of Christ has allowed them to continue helping others.  Their hope and prayer is that they can continue to serve for many years to come.

IMG_1502sm.jpg    Gary and Donna Bolin have attended Cornerstone Praise and Worship Center since it began in 1995.  Before that, they attended the Methodist Church in Clarita, OK, where they have lived since 1974.  Gary recently retired after 37 years with Solo Cup Co. in Ada.  Donna is employed with the Department of Human Services in Coalgate.  They have two grown sons and one granddaughter.