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Word for 2009, Melding the Generations, Parts 1-3 02/01/2009



This year is going to require us to meld the generations to benefit from all of God's blessings. Older generations must not look down on younger generations as undisciplined or immature.  Younger generations must not look at the older generation as being out of touch and a hindrance.  Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Word for 2009: Rifts of God, Part 3 01/25/2009 This message takes a look at the fallacious reasoning that says the church should be separate from the state.  No, God wants us involved. MP3
Word for 2009: Rifts of God, Part 2 01/18/2009 We continue looking at rifts.  We need to be able to tell the difference between the rifts God wants to use to mature us and the rifts the enemy wants to use to divide us.  We need to keep our eyes on Jesus. MP3
Word for 2009: Rifts of God, Part 1 01/11/2009 We take a look at the rifts God will use to prune us, to change us, and to mature us.  He will also use them to separate us from relationships that may hinder us. MP3
Word for 2009: On Earth.... 01/04/2009 On earth, today, God wants His will to be made known and followed, by us and our nation MP3
Peace on Earth....Really? 12/28/2008 We often think of the Christmas message as saying, "Peace on earth, good will toward men."  With all the violence in the world, we may wonder what happened to that promise.  However, the message the angels brought was not  "Peace on earth," but "On earth peace", and there is a difference MP3
Why would they..? 12/14/2008 Why would Mary and Joseph put up with ridicule and abuse?  Why would the shepherds leave their flocks and "preach" in the streets?  Why would the magi  travel such long distances to find the King of the Jews? MP3
Pass the Salt 12/07/2008 Jesus tells us we are the salt of the earth.  During these trying economic times, we are to add Jesus' "flavor" to life. MP3
Going Forward by Going Back 11/30/2008 In this season, in order to go forward, we need to return to our first love.  We need to remain anchored to that love,  just as Mary did. MP3
Living in the Kingdom of God, Part 8 11/23/2008 Every day is a day of thanksgiving in the kingdom of God.  MP3
Living in the Kingdom of God, Part 7 11/16/2008 The fear of the Lord.  Remember Jesus when He made the whip and cleared the temple.  Imagine being in that temple and not fearing Jesus. MP3
Living in the Kingdom of God , Part 6 11/09/2008 The fear of the Lord.  In this message we look at the election and the benefits of fearing God. MP3
Living in the Kingdom of God, Part 5 11/02/2008 The fear of the Lord.  We take a look at Moses when he encountered the LORD at the burning bush.  The fear of the LORD led to Moses' obedience. MP3
A Tie-Dyed Church of Jesus Christ 06/29/2008 This two-part message came as we were practicing tie-dying bandannas for youth camp.  (Our two sponsors were going to conduct a class at camp.)  At one point, Johnny asked, "What is the spiritual message in tie-dying?"  From that point on, the Lord began to reveal how the tie-dying process can reflect His church. Part 1
Part 2