Prophetic Ministries
    We do have several members who can prophesy.  This is a vital part of the church because we need to know what God is saying to His church today about today’s issues.  However, our prophetic ministry focuses on prophetic acts.  Many times in scripture, God has instructed His prophets to act out certain prophecies.  (See 2 Kings 13:17-19 and Eze 4:1-8.)
    The Lord had us begin by walking the streets of Coalgate and praying blessings over every home, business, vacant lot, and government building.  Jesus led us to do this several more times.  As we walked our city, God gave us a love for it and an understanding of what it meant to pastor a city.  Cornerstone could not do it alone.
    Next, we went to the gates of our city.  (A gate occurs wherever a major road enters Coalgate.)  We wrote scriptures on stakes, drove the stakes into the ground, poured juice and oil across the road, blew the shofars, and ended with singing.  We did this to all seven roads entering Coalgate.  Then we went to the gates of Coal County and did the same thing.  Finally, the Lord led us to each gate of the surrounding counties where we performed the same prophetic acts.  One cannot drive into Coalgate without going through three “gates” that have been opened to the Lord.
 web.jpg   The power of these prophetic acts became apparent during our 2010 storm season.  Oklahoma is in tornado alley.  At each gate, we also asked the Lord to protect us.  One day we found ourselves in the midst of several tornadoes.  Three or four were moving toward Coalgate.  We prayed and listened to the emergency radio.  We experienced some winds and rain, but no severe weather.  The following picture illustrates God’s protection much better than words.    The yellow and red areas show severe activity.  The county in the middle (in black) with no warnings at all is Coal County. 
    Once the weather clears, we feel God is telling us to return to the streets and pray over this city again.  Seeds have been planted.  Now, it is time to water them.  Then, watch God make them grow.



Jesus’ Toy Box
IMG_3595sm.jpg(The toys, ready to be wrapped)

     Two years ago we participated in the Toys-for-Tots program.  It was eye-opening.  We were so blessed.  However, that program lasts only through Christmas.  This year, we had difficulty connecting with Toys-for-Tots, so we decided to begin Jesus’ Toy Box.  The Lord revealed to us that if families needed toys for Christmas, then they would need them for birthdays also.  Therefore, Jesus’ Toy Box will be open all year to make toys available to any family.  The family picks up the gifts, and volunteers help the family to wrap their own gifts.

Community Ministries
    Cornerstone is but one part of the Coalgate Body of Christ.  We are very blessed to work with the other churches in Coalgate to host several ministries.  Connections Café is a program where the Body of Christ feeds the community every Thursday evening.  The churches involved rotate hosting the meal, and it has proved to be a time of great food and fellowship. 
    The Body of Christ also hosts two community crusades where the churches meet together over four nights.  Each night, at least two pastors give a message.  Thus, we get to hear from each pastor.
    The community is also hosting a food bank, which is housed in the Methodist Church.  All food donations are taken to the Methodist Church and once a month, volunteers help people with their food needs.

Night in Bethlehem
DSC_0005sm.jpg IMG_3357sm.jpg
– The people who made it all possible  – The county barn converted into Bethlehem

    Three years ago one of our young men, who is extremely gifted, presented the idea of presenting the Christmas story in its original context.  We rented the local livestock barn and began to convert it into Bethlehem.  We covered the place in black plastic, created a street in Bethlehem complete with shops, constructed the inn, and then dressed in period costumes.  People would fill the “street” where adults and children alike could make items of that period.  They make rope, pottery, jewelry, sandals, baskets, and many others.  They can also visit the market where they can taste original food.  While the people visit the shops and visit, the characters of the Christmas story enter.  Mary and Joseph ask people if they know of an inn.  The shepherds and wise men move through the crowd looking for the child.  A narrator fills in the story and, at the end, invites people to know Christ personally.  As people leave, they pick up a photo of their family.  Because this event has grown over the years, we have invited other churches to join us.  So, this will become another community project.