Studying the Bible

     We have begun to study the Bible on Sunday nights.  We begin with a set of questions and ask the Holy Spirit to bring revelation.  Here you will find the questions that we use.  Please feel free to download them and use them.  If you have any questions or comments, email them to David Unsell.

     We are currently studying the book of Exodus.  We hope you will join us.  If your group is studying Romans  or another book and would like questions, please let me know, and we will get the questions to you.

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Special Links for the Believers Edification

The Bible Gateway
- Allows you to search many different versions of the Bible in many different languages

The Elijah List  - The purpose of this site is to dispense some of the more significant words that the Lord is revealing to the church today through the Holy Spirit.

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem - Christian supporters of Israel established the International Embassy Jerusalem as a practical expression of the desire of believers throughout the world to bless and comfort Zion.

Glory of Zion International Ministries  - Find the latest information on the ministries of Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler and on the current apostolic and prophetic movement.

Federation of Ministers and Churches International
  - Federation provides a covenantal network among ministers of the Gospel in which both fatherly oversight and peer relationships are experienced.  Jim Hodges is the Apostolic Team Leader and President.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library  - Electronic versions of numerous classic Christian books.  Excellent resource and all reportedly in the public domain.

Jewish Jewels  - Same as the television show with Neil and Jamie Lash.  Their commitment is to teach the Word and minister the love of God in a Jewish way.

How To Study The Bible

   Several weeks ago, we began a class on how to study the Bible.  We are looking at the tools and methods that will help us better study and understand the Bible.  I will post the documents on this page and hope they will help you. 

    To study the Bible, I recommend that you have a good study Bible, a Strong's Concordance to match your Bible version, a Bible dictionary, and a journal.

How to Study the Bible -
Chapter Study Method -
Proverbs Study -
How to Ask Questions -
Topical Study Method -
Biblical History Study -
Devotional Study -
Character Study Method - Download Book Study Method -
Passage Study Method -
Pattern Study Method -
Strong's Number Study Method - Download
Word Study Method -
Poetry Study -
Parable Study -

Following are some documents that we used and or developed to help us with some of these studies.  Please feel free to use them.


Questions to Guide a Topical Study on Prayer - Download Character Study on Abigail - Download Chapter Summary 2Samuel 6 - Download
Topical List Over Prayer - Download Questions on Pontius Pilate - Download Background material on Jonah - Download
Verses on Prayer -
Verses on Pontius Pilate - Download