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Strong’s Number Study Method


          In this method of study, we will look at a specific Strong’s number as it is used throughout the Bible.  This method is very similar to the Word Study Method except that we will be focusing on the number itself and not necessarily words as a Strong’s number can be translated into many different words.   Again, this method will enable us to see how a word with its multiple meanings operates. 

          As with the Word Study Method, you will need your Bible and your Strong’s.  You will also need some time because you do not want to rush through this study.


1.     Select a word that you want to know more about.  Then, find the Strong’s number for that word.


2.    This time, instead of looking at the word, we will be looking for every verse that contains the same Strong’s number.  Sometimes, the Strong’s number will be translated into different words.  This adds to the study.


3.    Using your Strong’s, find a definition for your word and look at each verse that contains the Strong’s number.  Sometimes you may want to look at surrounding verses.


4.    After each verse, list your observations and any insights the Lord gives you about the verse and the word.


5.    Go to the next verse and do the same.  Continue until you have exhausted the list or until you feel you have looked at enough verses to gain a good understanding.


6.    Note, if your list is too long, you might want to concentrate on a book, the Old Testament, the New Testament, or the Gospels.


7.    From verse to verse, you will be looking for ideas that repeat themselves, for contrasting ideas, and for new understanding.


8.    From time to time, write down a short summary of what you have learned.  As the study continues, continue adding to this summary.


9.    Finally, based upon your summary, what are you going to do with this new understanding?  How are you going to make this word a part of your life (like “obedience”), or how are you going to avoid it (like “anger”)?